Project Staffing

Project Staffing and Project Management

Instead of adopting the pre-analytical vision that projects are needed or simply exist – and therefore must be managed – let’s consider whether that’s the case.

We believe that society is based on communication, interaction, and exchange. People are customers to one another and exchange efforts, skills, goods, services, information, emotions and money. Perceived value serves as a unit of measurement in this exchange.

The purpose of organizations is to provide value to society, customers, employees, partners and owners. That's why organizations create value streams – a sequence of all the steps necessary to create and use a product or service that brings value from concept to realization. 

Organizations need specific initiatives to create and improve their value stream systems:

Initiatives to improve the existing value stream system

Initiatives to create new value streams involving new products or services

Initiatives to eliminate obsolete value streams

Emergency response initiatives to preserve or restore the value stream system

Transformation initiatives to change the whole value stream system of the organization