Contract To Hire

Contract to hire

Faster Interview Process The hiring process becomes much easier and smoother as the staffing agency handles all the time-consuming and tedious legwork of finding the right candidates. This the right option for businesses to add talented skills to fill an immediate need or capacity gap, as candidates can start working and producing value for the company sooner. 

Opportunity to Assess the Candidate This is a major benefit as it gives the employer a chance and additional time to assess a candidate in action without committing to taking them on full time. The candidate also gets a chance to assess the company and avoid ending up in a wrong position where they are not happy or productive.

Budget Flexibility Contract-to-hire minimises expenses when working with a restrained budget as it allows the company to include a full-time employee into the budget and still get the work done. Contract to hire employees typically are not eligible for any benefits, like healthcare plan or retirement benefits from the company, and get paid by the staffing agency, including benefits too, sometimes.

Staffing Flexibility Contract-to-hire allows businesses to avoid overstaffing or understaffing by meeting the exact capacity especially when the need for resources fluctuates due to seasonal or project-based needs. Also, it can meet the need for specialized skills too and strict timelines. With access to additional brainpower and hands for the duration of a project, companies can scale back once the job has been completed.

Accommodates Growth Contract to hire helps to stay productive during unexpected growth, or when extending a project, or catering to a new client by scaling up on short notice. It makes it possible to quickly hire the help required.